VASG provides you the best service with its  highly credentialed experts within its engineering staff and years of experience. Customer demands are conceptualized as a project and each project is subject to several stages as follows :


Upon receiving the required item, our  design team studies it carefully both in terms of the existing design and its alternative ; the customer is then informed and guided to reach the best solution. In this stage we use computer programs such as SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk AutoCAD and Solid Edge.


At this stage, a model is created   with the help of a 3D modeling software . The modeling process is then completed using polyurethane, epoxy, wood, styrofoam and aluminum block materials.


A mould is constructed  to be able to start production out of  the model . The costs  that may arise during the moulding process are being minimized in consideration of  the order quantities and its continuity.


The  production step is reached on the conclusion of all approved stages. The production phase is subject to the following processes :  Incoming Quality Control (raw material warehouse control), Production Quality Control (Mould, Modeling Control, Gel-coat, Hand Lay-up Method, RTM, Vacuum Infusion, SMC, BMC, Vacuum Bag /Prepreg Moulding, Trimming, Assembly, Dyehouse), Final Quality Control ( Finished Product Warehouse) . 

Our machine park is composed of the newest technological machinery available in Turkey and  in the world.  Some of them are the following :  3 Axis CNC machine (3000x2000x1000 mm) ; Two RTM Machines ;  Vacuum Machine for RTM and Infusion ; Vacuum machine for ABS forming , 180 C Curing Furnace (2000x2000x9000mm) ; 200 C small scale Prepeg forming furnace for special projects ;  60 C standard composite paint furnace (3000x4000x8000mm) ; ABS Forming machine (1400 x 28000 x 60mm) ; Specially Designed Conditioned Special Gelcoat Dispensing Chamber…