Composite parts manufactured with the fiberglass technology are favored in the medical and

security industries.  Fiberglass composite parts  are antibacterial, maintenance-free , fire-retardant, resistant to sound and environmental conditions , chemicals , corrosion and temperature variations.

The medical devices and machines used by patients should be incorporated with GRP composite parts  with the inherent strength-to-weight ratio in order to prevent abrasion by continuous usage.

Such composite parts, with  both durable and  ideal  weights, will also provide your business with economic benefits on short and long terms.

We manufacture GRP panels , covers, supporting structures , beds, fittings, spare parts for all medical equipment and machinery   as well as  partitions for operating rooms and   cabinets.   We create solutions either with your current moulds or with special fabricated ones according to your requests.

We  are offering the best quality  and  most suitable  solutions  with  the  help  of  our  experienced engineering team.